27 Jul

คลิปหลุดสาวอินโด น่ารักนมใหญ่ เย็ดกับแฟนหลายคลิปมาก (รูป+คลิป)

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Photo of Jill Rose Mendoza of Bliss Scandal

Hot videos
This are some pictures of Jill Rose Mendoza the young girl from the video “Bliss Muntinlupa Scandal”. The old guy in the video was named as Mang Kanor. The case of Jill Rose Mendoza was said to be rape it was said she was forced by Mang Kanor to have sex with him but as I watch all the videos none of those shows that she was force or blackmailed all I can see is that she is enjoying it. I don’t judge her for what I saw on the video and I know she has her own reason why she did that thing I only share my own point of view. And I’m not and hypocrite I would rather say I enjoy watching her video than pity her. Judge by yourself by watching the videos.

Bliss Muntinlupa Sex Scandal Part 1-3
One of the best scandal in Philippine, this teenage girl was fucked by an old man for so many times and every time this old guy fuck her young pussy and natural big boobs he video it and looks how this teenage girl moan every time he lick and eat her very young pussy. This video has 9 parts but this fucking was done only in one place at that is on Bliss Hotel located in Muntinlupa City that’s why it’s called “Bliss Scandal”.
Part 1: Fucking in the Restroom Floor! Soo Hot!
(she got a very big boobs and perfect body)

Part 2: Shower Fuck! Standing Position her pussy so tight she got hurt!
(damn! she moans like she enjoys it, but that hurts her)

Part 3: He licked her pussy till she get so wet!
(She wash her pussy thoroughly)

PART 4: Close up with her Pussy and Boobs!
(This old guy is so lucky)

PART 5: Blowjob, Boob job and Cowgirl!
(She seems to be enjoying this old guy cock)

PART 6: Fucking the Younger Sister
Yes! he she was the younger sister of the first girl!
(This wasn’t her first time but its hurts, her pussy is tight)

PART 7: He licked her pussy and she enjoys it!
(All naturals she loves what his doing to her)

Part 8: Reverse Cowgirl and Finger Licking Good!
(at this part the girl is irritated because she was blackmailed by this old guy)


Jill_Rose_Mendoza_Bliss_Muntinlupa_Scandal.rar – 462.7 MB

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